Monday, December 26, 2011

And make it soon.

Now that x-mas is done, and everyone is in a swell mood, let us pause to contemplate our status quo.  Actually, make that status quoth, as in Poe's the Raven.  Here's what I think we should do.  Stop!

Lets see if you can do it,   Stop striving, stop pushing, stop making people pay to live.  Stop trying to finish, to win, to lose, to earn our place in the sun, our moment in Youtubia. Think about taking a time out.  Not a strike with all its attendant pushing shoving posturing.  No, I mean a regular vacation for all of us, all of earth's human beings.  Let's take some time off and just think.  Lets Occupy our space.  No media invited.  Just the crashing of our own tumult into the reality of all of our situation.

JUST STOP, NOW!  That's our motto.